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What is a Dam Inundation Certificate®?

Why does my client need one?

There are more than 2,400 dams in Virginia and one-third of them pose a 'high' or 'significant' hazard risk. Property owners directly downstream of a dam can be exposed to serious flood risk and property damage in the event of a dam failure or misoperation of the dam. While most homes within a FEMA flood zone are covered by federally mandated flood insurance, many property owners impacted by dam break inundation zones are uninsured because they simply don't know their risk. Get a dam inundation certificate® to know the risk and protect your financial interest in the property.

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Mort Maizlish
Maizlish Realtors
Santa Barbara, CA

White Consulting has been a great asset to our real estate brokerage business since it was formed in Santa Barbara in 1995. Required Natural Hazard Disclosures can be a minefield for the principals and brokers in any real estate transaction. White Consulting has never failed to provide quick, accurate and understandable reports that solve the disclosure problem for all of the parties.


Congratulations on your milestone anniversary. Great companies stay in business because of their commitment to quality and outstanding service. I wish you MANY more years of success. Thank you!