Property Disclosure Reports

Wastewater System-- FAQ

What is a wastewater system?
If your home or business is not connected to a central sewer system, you will need an onsite wastewater system. All your household wastewater will be collected and treated on the spot (on site). The treated effluent will be returned to the soil, and, after soil filtration, to the groundwater.
What does the residential property disclosure statement say?
The owner(s) makes no representations with respect to the presence of any wastewater system, including the type or size thereof or associated maintenance responsibilities related thereto, located on the property and purchasers are advised to exercise whatever due diligence they deem necessary to determine the presence of any wastewater system on the property and the costs associated with maintaining, repairing, or inspecting any wastewater system, including any costs or requirements related to the pump-out of septic tanks, in accordance with terms and conditions as may be contained in the real estate purchase contract, but in any event, prior to settlement pursuant to such contract.
Why is this information important?
Before buying a home it is important to know if you're responsible for maintining wastewater system on your property.